Industrial Cosmetics

We realised that no announcement was made when we switched our wash/make-up/cosmetic bag to a newer style. Our new version  builds on the original with some pretty useful improvements;

- It's BIGGER, quite a lot bigger in-fact. Measuring 30x16x12cm it's got loads of space for the larger potion bottles.

- It's lined. We've stuck a PU coated (means waterproof) polyester fabric inside which is fully washable and often in some suitably bright colours. 

- It's got funky popper studs on the ends giving even more access inside if needed. We can't really see why you would need it but we liked how they looked so they stuck.

As before they are made almost entirely from used truck tarp and still cut by hand in the UK. Who know's they might even make a handy xmas gift...

Check them out here.

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